Ultrasonic Pipette Washer

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ultrasonic pipette cleaner

Ultrasonic Pipette Washer

Spire Automation & Innovation manufactures complete range of ultrasonic cleaning equipments in number of sizes and range depending on your needs designed to meet the challenging demands of various scientists, specialized research applications, pharmaceutical industries, hotel industries, automobile industries, electronic industries, etc.

Salient Features

  • Low noise ultrasonic machine (noise level less than 70db factory tested)
  • High temperature ultrasonic machines with a temperature range up to 80°C for continuous cleaning
  • Chilling ultrasonic machine with a temp. less than @10°C from normal room temperature (Optional)
  • Digital temperature & timer controller
  • Variable power – Step less 10% to 100% power controller which allows to select the power level as per requirement.
  • Automatic cleaning & rinsing in one tank. No need to remove basket
  • Pre cleaning chamber: Maximum contamination is removed from the surface with the help of Jet spraying or Air agitation.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning chamber: Precession cleaning is accomplished in this chamber with the help of ultrasonic power, proper chemistry and temperature max cleaning is done from the surface.
  • Rinsing Chamber: The suspended contamination after Ultrasonic cleaning are cleaned in this chamber with the help of Air agitation or Jet spraying.
  • Drying Chamber: The forced hot air drying chamber utilizes evaporation drying technique’s to remove water. Room air is heated to a 80°C which enables it to absorb moisture from the part
  • Rust free stainless steel housing which is also easy to clean
  • Lid & basket as per customers need
  • No glass breaking when used correctly
  • Pipettes are completely cleaned and free from contaminants
  • It works on 230V AC.








Size (L x W x H cm)

15 x 15 x 70

30 x 25 x 50

40 x 40 x 60

40 x 40 x 75

50 x 50 x 90

Volume (Liters)







Up to 80 °C

Ultrasonic frequency

35 KHz

Note: Any residue or debris left from previous processing could provide inaccurate and incorrect testing results.

Ultrasonic Pipette Washer Catalogue

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