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TLC MS Interface – SWADESI stands for

SoftWare Assisted Direct Extraction & Sampling Interface

  • Machine Extracts Sample Compound spot from TLC plate and injects it directly in Mass Spectrometer for compound Analysis.
  • Rapid and contamination free compound extraction of selected compound zone..
  • Time required for extraction is less than 30 seconds.
  • Machine has inbuilt 0.2um filter assembly to avoid blockage of MS capillary by silica.
  • Machine can be interfaced to stand alone MS / GC-MS / LC-MS of any company.
  • Analysis of compound mass depends on MS specification and AMU range of machine.
  • Machine requires Nitrogen gas of approx 5 bar pressure
  • SWADESI has inbuilt UV light of short wave 254 nm and long wave 366 nm for visualization of UV active spot on TLC plate.
  • Glass filter in viewing window protects the eye against reflected UV light


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