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Tray dryer

Tray Dryer

Tray dryer are instruments that are specially designed for pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, paints, textiles and many more. Tray dryer are suitable for heat treatment, baking and drying applications in Industries or Institutes engaged in the production of Vaccines, Tablets, Bottle Sterilizing, Baking Breads or Biscuits, Drying Chemicals, PCB Processing, Armature Windings, Soaking electronic components like Yoke, Coils, EHT Coils, Transformers etc.

Salient Features

  • Sturdy double walled construction
  • Inner chamber made of thick PCRC duly painted with high temperature aluminum paint to withstand long duration heating cycle and outer chamber made of mild steel duly powder coated
  • 75mm thick glass wool insulation to ensure temperature stability & reduced energy consumption
  • PID temperature controller cum indicator displaying SV & PV
  • Heavy duty blower to circulate air to maintain uniform temperature inside
  • Tubular air heaters interlocked with blower
  • Pt  100 temperature sensor
  • Aluminum trays
  • Brackets to support the heavily laden perforated trays
  • It works on 230V AC single phase or 440V three face AC depending upon the size








Internal dimension

(W x D x H cm)

90 x 90 x 60

120 x 90 x 90

150 x 90 x 90

240 x 120 x 120

Tray size

(W x D x H cm)

80 x 40 x 3

No of trays





Heater load

4 KW

6 KW

10 KW

20 KW


Ambient +5 to 250°C


  • Inner & outer body made of SS 304
  • SS 304 trays
  • Mini printer to record temperature
  • Software to interface machine directly to computer for storing data & print

Note: Customized Solution Available On Request

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