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BOD Incubator

BOD Incubator

BOD incubator is designed especially for incubation of biochemical oxygen demand on water & sewage. Our B.O.D. Incubator is perfect utility for environmental study and growth chamber. Our BOD incubator is just apt for general use like preservation of vaccines, insulin, lever extracts, chemicals etc

To give it longer life and maintain its effectiveness, our B.O.D. Incubator is anodized from inside on all three walls while Aluminium/Stainless Steel from outside and fitted with air circulated fans that maintain the overall temperature of the chamber. Our BOD incubator comes with full view inner glass door fitted with magnetic gasket that gives you freedom to monitor and inspect your samples without changing the temperature of the cabinet.

Standard version of our BOD incubator comes with a temperature range of 5°C to 60°C. At SAII, we also address to every specific need of our individual clients and this is the reason you get fully customized BOD incubator to suit your specific needs. We also provide customized BOD incubator with different temperature range than of our standard version. Temperature sensitivity of our BOD incubator is ± 0.5°C.

This sturdy equipment is designed with latest technology and comes with a sleek, easy to operate control panel. A user friendly digital temperature indicator cum controller and voltmeter are mounted on this panel. Refrigeration or cooling is done by a sturdy ISI marked compressor that are CFC free. Dedicated indicator lamps for cooling and heating are provided on the control panel while you can use temperate knobs to set the desired temperature.

Temperature range 5°C to 60°C with an accuracy of ± 1.5°C. Double walled construction with inner body made of Stainless Steel and outside mild steel duly powder coated. It has air circulation fans for uniform temperature distribution. Full view inner Glass door with magnetic gasket allows inspection of samples without disturbing the temperature of cabinet. It works on 220/230 volts. A.C

Salient Features

    • Versatile usage
    • Ergonomic & Sturdy Design
    • Energy Efficient
    • CFC free cooling
    • Low Maintenance & long life
    • Temperature control by using PID controller cum indicator.
    • Digital display of SV & PV
    • Safety Features:

Over temperature protection.

Over current protection.
High tempered safety glass of 5mm.









Inner chamber (cm)

30 x 30 x 30

45 x 50 x 50

47 x 50 x 80

49 x 54 x 130

50 x 54 x 150

Capacity (Cu ft)






Volume (Litres)







5 to 60°C

5 to 60°C

5 to 60°C

5 to 60°C

5 to 60°C


  • MOC Outer body – SS
  • In built Mini printer to print temperature
  • Digital minute timer
  • PID controller with high and low temperature alarm
  • RS 232 communication port and software to interface incubator directly to computer for storing data & print
  • Touch screen colour display

Note: Customized Solution Available On Request

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