Plant Growth Chamber

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Plant Growth Chamber

Plant Growth Chamber Manufacturer in Pune

Spire Automation is a well known Plant Growth Chamber manufacturer in Pune, Mumbai. Plant Growth chamber provide controlled environment required for plant research. A plant’s response to different conditions can be monitored or a particular habitat imitated. Standard propagation techniques can be greatly speeded up using a growth cabinet as well as achieving a higher success rate. Where micro propagation is being used a growth cabinet is essential for rooting the plantlets and adapting them to normal conditions. This plant growth cabinet is ideal for all routine propagation and research applications. We supply plant growth chambers in mumbai, pune and various parts of the country. You can find plant growth chamber specifications below.

Salient Features

  • Double walled construction with inner chamber made of stainless steel SS and outer chamber made of mild steel duly powder coated.
  • Solid see thru double walled door and a full view inner plexi-glass door enables inspection and monitoring of inner chamber specimens without disturbing the process temperature.
  • Keyed door lock for improved security with magnetic door gasket.
  • User – oriented design of shelves makes you adjust each space of shelves without difficulty.
  • PUF thick insulation to ensure temperature stability & reduced energy consumption
  • Micro processor based PID temperature & humidity indicator cum control
  • Specially designed controller for audio visual deviation alarm from the preset temperature, door open alarm.
  • The cooling is effected by a hermetically sealed CFC FREE ECO FRIENDLY COMPRESSOR.
  • Designed air flow system ensuring uniform temperature & humidity distribution
  • SS water reservoir with immersion type heaters at the bottom provides 40% to 95% humidity
  • Illumination with the help of fluorescent lamps/tubes accounts for artificial daylight conditions
  • 5 levels light control ( 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%)
  • PT-100 temperature sensor (resolution 0.1°C)
  • Capacitive type humidity sensors
  • It works on 230V AC.
  • Unit mounted on castor wheels for ease of mobility


Plant Growth Chamber Specification





SAII- PGC -380

SAII- PGC -500

SAII- PGC -700

Capacity (Liters)







Internal dimension (WxDxH cms)

45 x 45 x 55

50 x 50 x 72

55 x 55 x 90

60 x 60 x 105

65 x 65 x 120

70 x 70 x 143

Max Illumination







Temperature range & accuracy

15 to 60°C ±1.5°C

Humidity RH% control & accuracy

40 to 95 % ±5%

Digital timer

1-99 hrs


  • 7 days circular chart temperature recorder
  • In built mini printer to print temperature & humidity
  • RS 232 communication port to interface chamber directly to computer for storing data & print
  • PLC controlled equipment with touch screen colour display HMI
  • MOC Outer body – SS
  • Audio visual power failure alarm
  • Electronic digital voltmeter
  • In built voltage stabilizer
  • Programmable PID time intervals controller for temperature, humidity and light level control.

Note: Customized Solution Available On Request

We are well know Plant Growth Chamber Manufacturer in Pune, Mumbai. To know more about the Plant Growth Chamber Price in Pune, Mumbai or rest of India kindly fill in the contact form, and we will revert you with the best possible price

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