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Vertical Autoclave  spire automation

Salient Features

  • Used for sterilization under saturated steam pressure at 15 to 18 psi operating pressure (Optional: higher pressure up to 30 psi)
  • Working temperature of 1210C, (Optional: high temperature 1340C)
  • These double walled units have inner chamber (Boiler) made of stainless steel SS 304 (Optional SS 316 grade).
  • Outer wall is covered with stainless steel sheet.
  • Thick stainless steel lid is tightened by radial locking system and can be lifted through a pedal lifting device for user comfort
  • Fitted with joint less neoprene rubber gasket.
  • Systems are hydraulically tested up to 40 p.s.i. as a Safety Measure.
  • All autoclaves are fitted with standard accessories such as water indicator / water level guage, pressure gauge, steam release cock, water drain valve, vacuum breaker, spring loaded safety valve, pedal lifting device and heating element.
  • Space between boiler and outer shell works as air insulation however we may incorporate mineral glass wool insulation if customer desires.
  • Heating is done through specially designed water heaters of suitable wattage to ensure optimum sterilization time in every sterilization cycle.
  • PID temperature indicator cum controller along with timer facility. Minute Timer starts automatically when set/desired value of temperature is achieved. When the set time period is over the heaters get switched off automatically to end sterilization cycle.
  • Supplied complete with S.S. basket, cord and plug.
  • Supplied with cord and plug to work on 220/230 volts A.C. Supply.









Volume (Liters)






Heater load (KW)






Internal dimension (dia x height mm)

300 x 500

350 x 550

460 x 610

510 x 760

550 x 750

Basket dimension

(dia x height mm)

270 x 340

325 x 400

430 x 450

480 x 600

525 x 600


  • High temperature 1340C autoclave having operating pressure of 30 psi.
  • Programming with PID temperature indicator with controller along with One Start/Stop push button, Pt100 Wire Sensor for Automatic Soak & Purge, Exhaust setting auto low water cut off for heater safety & cycle end alarm.
  •  Digital pressure indicator cum controller can be fitted.
  • SAFETY (Very Important): Pressure control switch – Pressure inside the chamber is controlled through a semi automatic electro mechanical device, which controls the pressure inside the chamber and cuts off electric supply to heater when pressure exceeds factory set safety limit pressure.

(Note: we advise customer to add this feature from safety aspect)

  • TOUCH SCREEN HMI & PLC controlled device- PLC control system ensures a complete automatic operations along with high efficiency and great reliability. The computerized logic control system ensures a 100% automatic operation throughout the sterilization cycle. The main parameters of the process such as temperature, pressure, time are controlled and displayed on touch screen display during entire cycle process. Keyboard / touch screen setup is provided to user to choose the desired program, initiate and terminate the cycle. Our PLC control system is extremely easy to use, user friendly and fully programmable. Data is automatically saved in HMI and can be transferred later by connecting pen drive to HMI.
  • Data acquisition: Data acquisition is done with the help of data logger connected to PC using RS 232 interface. Data is directly stored in computer for future reference.
  • Compatible voltage stabilizer

Note : Customized Solution available on request

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