Rotary Vaccum Evaporator

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Rotary evaporator digonal condensor
rotary evaporator vertical condensor

Rotary Vaccum Evaporator

A rotary evaporator is a device used in chemical laboratories for the efficient and gentle removal of solvents from samples by evaporation

Salient Features

  • The apparatus consists of an evaporating flask rotated   by heavy duty motor in a heating water bath (Optional- Oil bath)
  • Fitted with speed variable regulator knob to set RPM.
  • Vaccum distillation of solvent at high and low temperature is achieved quickly. It prevents foaming and bumping of the liquid (solvent) into the evaporating flask and also distillation under controlled atmosphere.
  • Spark less drive unit AC motor with assured speed regulation- 25 to 180 rpm.
  • Double walled water bath with thermostatic controller.
  • PTFE/Glass/Teflon sealing mechanism.
  • Smooth, adjustable, maintenance free single lever manual lift.
  • The evaporating flask is pear shaped to give a large surface area of evaporation.
  • Evaporating flask is clamped to a glass duct which goes through the drive unit.
  • The drive unit is clamped on heavy duty stand
  • Condenser is fitted with standard joint at the top and the bottom for receiver flask.










     250 ml                    500 Liter                    1 Liter                 2 Liter                 3 Liter

Rotational Speed

25-180 rpm

Heating bath temperature

Ambient to 95°C ±1.5°C

Condenser type

Diagonal condenser glassware (Optional: vertical condenser)

Heating bath controller

Thermostatically controlled (Optional: Digitally controlled PID based)

Heating bath material

Inner SS 304 & outer MS powder coated

Height adjustable




Evaporating flask

       250 ml                   500 ml                 1 Liter                  2 Liter                   3 Liter

Receiving flask

       250 ml                   500 ml                 1 Liter                  2 Liter                   3 Liter

Power Supply

230 V AC, 50 Hz


  • Double stage Diaphragm type Vacuum Pump with ultimate vacuum of 10mbar.
  • Water Circulator Chiller of 5°C for cooling with pumping capacity of 10 lit/min at zero head
  • Liquid circulating Chiller of -20°C for cooling with pumping capacity of 10 lit/min at zero head
  • Vertical condenser (instead of diagonal condenser)
  • Motorized Auto Lift System which operates up or down on touch of a button
  • Build in digital vacuum controller
  • Digital RPM/speed meter
  • PID controlled digital water bath / oil bath which shows set value and process value
  • Oli bath having temperature up to 180°C

Note: Customized Solution Available On Request

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